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Cabinets and Pitches available to rent at Harrisons Antiques

Rent a Pitch
or Cabinet

Here at Harrison's Antiques we have both Pitches & Cabinets that are open to dealers to rent. The prices are as follows:

Rent one of our many impressive Show Cabinets from just as little as £25 per month.

You can also rent one of our exceptionally large 10ft by 18ft pitches, for only £180 per month. Better still, we charge 0% COMMISSION!! That's right, YOU get to keep every single penny of the profit.

Vintage & Quirky Furniture and Collectables
Vintage Furniture

As a Dealer at Harrisons Antiques, you will have full access to our fabulous, purpose built photographing booth. This mean you can capture high quality product photos for your business. We also offer a service

We also offer a service whereby you will have full and exclusive access to our online marketing campaigns. This includes advertisements on eBay, Selling Antiques, Antique Atlas, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin. 

Whether you are a newbie considering venturing the antiques trade, or a well established trader, we are confident we can help you! Please fill out the form below and contact us for more information.

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